Explore the new street art moment from Civitavecchia to Rome to Tor Marancia

Civitavecchia to Rome Tor MaranciaIf you are looking for something different to do after your transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome, ask your diver to take you to one of the city’s outlying quarters, Tor Marancina. This region was built in the early 1930’s, when many houses were destroyed to construct the Via Fori Imperiali. The residents of those houses, mostly immigrants, were transferred to Tor Marancia, which was constructed with haste under the fascist regime. The neighborhood suffered from poor infrastructure, such as packed earth streets, poorly constructed buildings, and the area was prone to flooding. This earned the area its knick-name, Shanghai. Today, however, Italians from Civitavecchia to Rome and beyond come here to see the murals painted on the quarter’s buildings.

From Civitavecchia to Rome, from around the world to Tor Marancina, from a neighborhood to an open-air museum

Today, Tor Marancia is a must-see for any lover of contemporary art or social-minded individual during any jaunt from Civitavecchia to Rome. From the 8th of January 2015, the day after Epiphany that marks the end to the Christmas holidays, to the 27th of February, twenty artists from all over the world the began transforming the apartment buildings in Tor Marancina into an open-air museum. It is a breeze to reach this neighborhood with Best NCC Roma’s transfer service from Civitavecchia to Rome. Your driver can easily take you directly there in their luxurious cars. You won’t need to ride the crowded subway and risk having your pockets picked!

The project Big City Life was initiated by the 999Contemporary art gallery and sponsored by the city of Rome. Eleven different condominium buildings in the area were painted with murals creating a total of twenty-one different images. With over 550 families living in the buildings, choosing the designs was not an easy task. An artist proposed three different drawings for a building, which was delivered by 999Contemporary. The condominium owners chose the final design. 999Contemporay communicated their wishes to the artist, who transferred the design to the building’s walls and began painting. The murals beautified the community, and brought the residents together creating new conversations, connections, and friendships. It took over seventy days to complete the project.

The firm, Sikkens, donated a special paint, which is resistant to many atmospheric conditions to the project. Can you guess how much paint was needed to create this open-air museum? 974 nine cans of spray paint and 756 liters of paint and were used to complete the project. Each mural is 14 m high and covers an area of 145 m2, creating a total of 2,610 m2 of art! The Mayor of Rome officiated the inaugural ceremonies on the 9th of March 2015. The residents took the opportunity to show him their quarter, which was in desperate need of improvement. The mayor promised to help them renovate the quarter, beginning with investigating the closure of their park. Your driver from Best NCC Roma’s transfer service from Civitavecchia to Rome can take you on a driving tour of the neighborhood in their spacious town cars, or wait patiently while you stroll and enjoy the open-air museum! Which mural do you like best?

The Murals of Tor Marancia

The murals vary in style from abstract to figural. One imitates the style of the well-known Czech painter of the Art Nouveau. Aside from his theatrical and commercial work, Mucha painted an enormous series of canvases entitled the Slav Epic, which was intended as a political piece to celebrate the Slavic history. Undoubtedly, Mucha would approve of his style being used to renew this quarter. Would you like to have a mural painted on your house? After you have finished strolling around the neighborhood your best NCC Roma driver is ready to take you to your next destination. Just as you completed your transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome with ease and in comfort, Best NCC Roma is ready to make all your other transfers just as simple! Exploring the peripheral quarters of Rome is fun and easy courtesy of Best NCC Roma. You can discover different sides of Rome and see places that many other tourists don’t even know exist!


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